Change Hugo Theme to LoveIt

1 Motivation After using hugo-clarity theme, I change my mind to use the other theme. I like: Admonition in post Technical friendly view Dynamic table of content in right-side bar Comment function All above is supported by LoveIt theme. 2 (Not recommend) buckup and create new Gitlab repository Warning This work for backup gitlab repository might cause the problem that I suffered… Just doing start new repository (with new name and path at Gitlab) should be simple process.

Setup Hugo and Gitlab CI

This is the first post of this website :) I setup Hugo, adopt hugo-clarity theme and publish the site usign Gitlab pages via Gitlab CI. 1 Setup Hugo with hugo-clarity theme I selected hugo as I wanted to use static website generator that easily be supported by git and Gitlab-CI based workflow. I have used Mkdocs for the other websites and wanted to use alternative way. Hugo looks to have plenty of templates.