Change GWS Primary Domain

やりたいこと GWSのドメインを新ドメインに変更する。 古いドメインはセカンダリドメインとしてメール送受信が行えるようにする 実施方法 基本的にGWS Admin Helpのガイド Change your primary domain for Google Workspaceに従って実施する。 Step 1: Prepare for the switch Step 2: Add your new domain and set up email Step 3: Switch to new primary domain Step 4: Switch users and groups to your new domain Step 5: Use or remove the old primary domain Step 6: Update your Google Workspace settings (Optional) Share instructions with your users 以下は実施した際のメモ。

Google Workspaceでグループメールを作成し、メーリングリストとして使う方法

やりたいこと 組織にGoogle Workspaceを導入し、“info@組織ドメイン” などの共有メールアドレスを設定して、外部とのメールのやり取りを行う。 共有メールアドレスは、組織内の複数のユーザーが受信し、送信時にはユーザーが送信者を個人/共有アドレスに切り替えられるように設定する。 やったこと 1. Google Workspace上でのグループ作成 1.1 Business用のGroup設定 必要に応じて、Business用のGroup設定をONにする。 Business用のグループ設定On/Off時の機能の比較は、GWS Admin Helpページを参照。 切り替える場合、 Sign in to your Google Admin console (using an administrator account) In the Admin console, go to Menu, Apps > Google Workspace > Groups for Business. Click Service status. To turn a service on or off for everyone in your organization, click On for everyone or Off for everyone, and then click Save. 詳細はサポートページ参照: https://support.

Build Data Analysis Enviornment on Docker on GPU

TL;DR Setup GPU instance (p2.xlarge) Install GPU Driver ( Install nvidia-container-toolkit (hKps:// nvidia-smi FROM nvidia/cuda:12.1.1-cudnn8-runtime-ubuntu22.04 docker run –gpus all image Capacity Reservation On EC2 dashboard, Capacity Reservation > Create a Capacity Reservation Instance type: p2.xlarge Availability zone: us-east-1a Total capacity: 1 instances Capacity reservation detail: At specific time and set due. Then Create, there is a warning on that. 1 You have requested more vCPU capacity than your current vCPU limit of ${normalized_limit} allows for the instance bucket that the specified instance type belongs to.

Build Data Analysis Enviornment on Docker on AWS

Install Docker on EC2 1 2 3 ssh -i ~/.ssh/xxx.pem ubuntu@<hostname> sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install docker images fails by permission denied error. So, we make a group name docker and add ubuntu user. 1 sudo gpasswd -a ubuntu docker Then docker images works. Option 1: Upload docker image to AWS There are several cases to do upload docker image to AWS.

Build Data Analysis Enviornment on Docker

Docker container is useful when building the data analysis environment with fixed version of software (e.g. ubuntu, jupyterlab, or anaconda). Dockefile 1 2 3 4 5 6 FROM ubuntu:latest RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \ sudo wget \ vim WORKDIR /opt RUN wget Build image As my environment is M1 Mac (Apple Silicon), I needed to add --platform linux/amd64 option. 1 docker build --platform linux/amd64 .

Docker Run

Docker Run options -v : Share a file system Mount host directory 1 docker run -v <host directory path>:<container directory path> Dockerfile: 1 2 FROM ubuntu:latest RUN mkdir new_dir 1 docker run -it -v ~/Desktop/monted_folder:/new_dir <container> bash If new_dir directory does not exist in the container, docker automatically create it. -u : Set access privilege to the files 1 docker run -u <user id>:<group id> At host, check user and group id.